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NuVue Technologies, Inc.  Mr. Stuber is serving as outsourced EVP & General Counsel for NuVue Therapeutics, Inc.  NuVue recently was awarded the first phase of a $2.4 million grant from NASA for the commercialization of drug microencapsulation developed by NASA in the International Space Station and licensed to NuVue for medical applications.  The technology is part of a three-part, integrated technology platform under development by NuVue for site-specific cancer treatment.  The platform includes ultrasound visualization, microencapsulation of drugs and diagnostics, and cryotherapeutics, into an integrated system for site-specific cancer management.  [See www.nuvuetherapeutics.net.] 

Medical Innovations Holding Co., Inc.  MIHC, formerly CryoFlex, Inc., developed the “CryoFlex” line of surgical instruments for use in cryosurgery, the ablation of tissue by application of very cold temperatures.  The company also developed imaging systems using measurements of electrical impedance in tissue to provide real-time information on the extent of the “kill zone” achieved during cryosurgery.  MIHC has sold these assets to NuVue Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly known as Critical Care Innovations, Inc.), and now is a shareholder in NuVue.  Mr. Stuber serves as CEO of MIHC.  [See www.medhldgs.com.]


Defense & Security Training Company:  Mr. Stuber recently completed a consulting assignment for a company operating a training and practice facility patronized by government agencies involved in counter-terrorism, anti-drug trafficking, and other defense, security, and law enforcement functions.  Mr. Stuber led the development of the company’s business plan as it seeks financing for an expansion of its facilities and future bolt-on acquisitions. 

GridPlex Networks LLC. GridPlex is a leading innovator in conservation and sustainability "smart grid" solutions for both consumers and electric utilities. Mr. Stuber served as outsourced Senior Vice President for Business and Legal Affairs. [See www.gridplexnetworks.com.]

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Company.  On temporary assignment as Operations Manager and Special Counsel, Mr. Stuber led a corporate cleanup directed at meeting closing conditions for the sale and license back of major company assets.  Actions included corrective filings with the Delaware Secretary of State, resolution of disputes with shareholders, and management of litigation. 

JDP Therapeutics, Inc.  Mr. Stuber assisted Dr. Jie Du in the development of JDP, which is engaged in the commercialization of novel pharmaceutics for use in treatment of allergies and hypertension.  The company is developing these breakthrough drugs using proprietary processes that result in efficiencies in regulatory approvals and in production.  Mr. Stuber served as Chief Operating Officer of the company.  [See www.jdptherapeutics.com.]   

Philadelphia- Based Medical Device Company.  Mr. Stuber provided assessment and planning services on behalf of an early-stage medical device company located in the University City Science Center.  A portfolio company of BioAdvance and Ben Franklin Technology Partners, the company is bringing to market innovative diagnostics based on technology licensed from the University of Pennsylvania and developed at Drexel University. 

University Technology Transfer Program.  Mr. Stuber rcompleted a technology commercialization assessment for a medical technology under development by engineering and medical staff at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. 

Health & Beauty Products Marketing.  Mr. Stuber provided business planning services for a major expansion of a national marketer of niche health and beauty products.

Palm Beach County Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Mr. Stuber completed an assignment as interim CEO of Palm Beach County's destination marketing corporation, successfully leading a turnaround of the organization after the discovery of a $1.5 million theft by the Bureau's former controller.  [See www.palmbeachfl.com.]